S.Kernbach, O.Kernbach. Reliable detection of weak emissions by the EIS approach

Authors: Serge Kernbach, Olga Kernbach.

Cybertronica Research, Research Center of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science, Laboratory of Advanced Sensors, Melunerstr. 40, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany, serge.kernbach@cybertronica.co, olga.kernbach@cybertronica.co.

Title: Reliable detection of weak emissions by the EIS approach.


This work describes the methodology of EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy) measurements, related to detection and characterization of weak emissions possessing non-electromagnetic, non-acoustic, non-thermal and non-mechanical nature. The ‘shape effect’ is used as a test source of such emission. The proposed approach with the source of emission (the generator ‘Contur’) and the detector (EIS spectrometer) can be applied for demonstration purposes, where the local or non-local impact is reliably detected by changes of impedance. Statistically significant number of measurements demonstrated 93,3% repeatability of results. This allows performing replication, laboratory and industrial measurements related to weak emissions of different origin by well accepted approach. Small changes of conductivity on the level of 10^-9-10^-11 S/cm require an accurate handling of systematic and random inaccuracies during measurements, and strict following the experimental methodology.

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Work is published in the “Report on Experiments” section.

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