S. Kernbach. Tests of the circular Poynting vector emitter in static E/H fields

Author: Serge Kernbach, Cybertronica Research, Research Center of Advanced Robotics and Environmental Science, Melunerstr. 40, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany, serge.kernbach@cybertronica.de.com

Title: Tests of the circular Poynting vector emitter in static E/H fields.


This paper describes tests of a compact Poynting vector generator utilizing the effect of a circular electromagnetic energy flow in static E/H fields. The generator is powered through USB port or 5V ‘Power Bank’ accumulator and represents a further development of the ‘small Akimov’s generator’ on modern element base. The design of a circular CPV emitter allows scaling the emission effect and is compatible with passive generators ‘Contur’. Control electronics can modulate output signals generating E/H fields for usage with different ‘electronic modulators’. Performed tests with fluids and microbiological samples confirm electrochemical and biological effects of this generator. The device is developed as an EM actuator with environmental feedback loop for robotic systems, or as a tool for non-chemical treatment in infoceutical production and materials science, as well as for a long-range signal transmission in various applications.

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Work is published in the “Report on Experiments” section.

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