B.P. Surinov, K.G. Hachumova, E.P. Germanov, A.A. Fedorenko. Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles


  1. Surinov Boris P., Dr. biol. sci., A.F. Tsyba Medical Radiological Research Center, a branch of the “National Medical Research Center for Radiology”, Russia, Obninsk, surinovboris@rambler.ru.
  2. Hachumova Karina G., Dr. med. sci., DST Foundation, Russia, Moscow.
  3. Germanov Eugene P., DST Foundation, Russia, Moscow.
  4. Fedorenko Anton A., DST Foundation, Russia, Moscow.

Title: Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles.


This paper presents the results of experimental and clinical studies of the properties of information copies (IC) of certain medications, obtained through their activation by low-intensity laser radiation. At that, plastic, in particular compact discs, water and NaCl solutions gain the capacity to reproduce the specific activity of medications. It is considered that this phenomenon is because of chemical and biological substances create specific for them emission, which is reproduced in the IC form on neutral carriers such as plastic, water, solutions, etc. In experiments on laboratory animals, it was shown that the IC of the immunostimulating drug arbidol and IC of the immunosupressive drug dexone, obtained on a CD or through the Internet, reproduce the activity specific for them in water and physiological solution when administered to laboratory mice in the form of drinking or injections, arbidol IC stimulates the immune reactivity, and dexone IC inhibits it. The data of experimental studies are also confirmed by the results of clinical observations in volunteers, performed with the use of bioresonance therapy and diagnostic techniques. It is shown that test group receiving water with IC of arbidol had improvement of the functional state of the organism, activation of protective reserves and prevention of the incidence of viral infections in the autumn period as compared to the control group. The results obtained and the data of previous researchers are discussed from the point of view of the mechanisms of the described phenomena and their practical significance. They testify to the need to expand research in this area, such as information (energy-information) pharmacology, attracting the attention of various specialists, as it opens new prospects for pharmacy and practical medicine.

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Commentary on the work by B.P. Surinov et al ‘Information Pharmacology – Replication of Information Copies of Drug Substances in Aquatic Vehicles’.

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