S.I. Dumbadze, A.V. Bobrov. The Phenomenon of the Electrical Potential Shift over the Cortical Surface Caused by the Placement of a Solid Body

Authors: S.I. Dumbadze, A.V. Bobrov.

Academy of Science of Georgia SSR. Institute of Physiology named after I.S. Beritashvili.

Title: The phenomenon of the electrical potential shift over the cortical surface caused by the placement of a solid body.

Original article: Letter of Academy of Science of Georgia SSR 104, #3, 1981, pp. 721-724.


Introduction of solid objects in the space above the cortex of on anaesthetized animal causes a change of the electrical potential of its surface (CEP). The CEP was observed in animal and plant living tissues. The CEP is a biophysical phenomenon, apparently reflecting the disturbance of the fields caused by the bodies introduced into it.

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