Wendt G. L., Irion C. E. Experimental Attempts to Decompose Tungsten at High Temperatures

Авторы: Gerald L. Wendt, Clarence E. Irion.

Kent Chemical Laboratory, University of Chicago.

Title: Experimental attempts to decompose tungsten at high temperatures.

Original article: Wendt G. L., Irion C. E. Experimental attempts to decompose tungsten at high temperatures // Journal of the American Chemical Society. — 1922. — v.44. — No.9. — pp. 1887-1894.


With atomic disintegration recognized for 20 years and atomic decomposition [1] now established by the work of Rutherford [2] on the impact of alpha-particles on light atoms, the astronomical evidence that heavy atoms are not stable at high temperatures [3] demands laboratory confirmation. This has become possible through the work of Anderson [4] whose method of exploding wires at temperatures above 20 000°, well above that attributed to the hottest stars, has become valuable in spectroscopy. In our application of this method the wires were exploded within strong glass bulbs so that the gaseous products of the explosions could be collected for analysis. The method thus includes factors, both of cause and of error, analogous to those operative in the voluminous and inconclusive controversy on the evolution of helium in various types of low pressure electrical discharge tubes, extending from 1905 to 1915.

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1. E. Rutherford. Disintegration of elements (in Russian).
2. G. Wendt. The decomposition of tugsten (in Russian).

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